Head in the stars and feet in Carouge

"This is how the Printemps carougeois 2022 will unfold. Back in a more usual configuration, our spring festival takes us off from our city for a cultural journey into space. Space, the cosmos and the galaxies have always been a field of exploration and scientific research for astronomers, and have always stirred the imagination and creativity of artists, but also, more simply, those of every human being.

By looking at the sky, the stars and the night, we can project our dreams and our humanity into them. We have the freedom to dream, to escape from our daily lives or to philosophise about our place in the universe. An escape that is beneficial in more ways than one in the current context, which has been rocked by the pandemic and overshadowed by the war in Ukraine.

A place of creation, freedom and sharing, Carouge has always claimed the richness and plurality of artistic expression. The Carouge Spring Festival is a unique opportunity to highlight them and constitutes a beautiful moment of exchange and "living together".  This festival is a reminder of how much culture brings people together, federates them and is open to all. Workshops, conferences, exhibitions, live shows, balls and concerts, there will be something for all ages, for all tastes, appetites and desires.

The sky is endless, so is culture and this edition of Carouge Spring 2022 proves it."


Stéphanie Lammar