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This year, seventeen Carouge artisans have joined forces with Printemps Carougeois to reveal their trade secrets. The public is invited to peek through a keyhole in the showcases and discover an object whose manufacturing secret can be found on this page, by following a dedicated QR code.

Artisan's name: Chris Murner
Speciality: Fine leather goods. Creation of bags, belts and small leather goods in a wide variety of leathers and materials.
Trade secret: Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask? What's inside a handbag? I'll tell you the secret. Sign up on Sunday 5 May at 2pm for a "Secret de fabrication" tour at
Rue Ancienne 43

Artisan's name: Corinna Saro
Speciality: Jeweller
Trade secret: Enameling is a passion. I use it to adorn my silver creations with bright, varied colors. Whether in powder or paint form, I appreciate the different techniques this material allows me to explore. Enamel melts at high temperature in a special oven, and the result is always a surprise!
Rue Ancienne 22

Artisan's name: Véronique Albert
Specialty: Creation
Trade secret: Bringing materials and colors together to create magic.
Place du Temple 9

Artisan's name: Claudine Kasper
Specialities: Graphic design, typography, stamp making, creation of funny and poetic objects.
Trade secret: Be curious about everything, open to the unexpected.
Avenue Cardinal-Mermillod 18

Artisan's name: Igor Siebold
Specialties: Jewelry and jewelry-making
Trade secret: A surface treatment can create light diffraction on certain metals.
Rue Saint-Joseph 8

Artisan's name: Valérie Hangel
Specialty: Textile jewelry
Trade secret: My first, it's not sewn. My second, I'll let you guess.
Rue Saint-Victor 21

Artisan's name: Béatrice de Haller
Speciality: Lutherie
Trade secret: The trade secret of my violins, even we can't really explain it!
Rue de la Filature 22

Artisan's name: Carolina Véliz
Specialty: Felting
Trade secret: Two unique techniques were used to create the piece on display. It was made with sheep's wool and natural white silk, using the Nuno felt technique. The color was obtained from eucalyptus, using the Ecoprint technique.
Place de l'Octroi 3

Artisan's name: Djeihne
Specialty: Knitwear
Secret tip: Draw what looks like a line of paint with two threads...
Rue Saint-Joseph 31

Artisan's name: Karine Dupont
Specialty: Jewelry
Secret of my trade: I use finely drawn gold wire to assemble, decorate, set and tell a story of shapes and materials. My wire is like a feather writing a fantastic story...
Rue Saint-Joseph 13

Artisan's name: Bénédicte Van Schoute
Specialty: Jewelry creation
Trade secret: A complete work of art is born from the alchemy of the designer's soul, skills and experience. While this alchemy knows no boundaries, it sometimes creates them...
Rue Saint-Joseph 10
Instagram : vanschoute

Artisan's name: Zabo
Specialty: Hat making
Secret: My secret is my free-arm Pfaff 335, my best machine.You always have to be able to fold a hat.
Rue Saint-Joseph 31

Artisan's name: Sandy Rey (Rey's Bijoux)
Specialty: Jeweller
Trade secret: In the abyss of my deepest thoughts lies the trade secret, where each dive reveals the hidden treasures of a unique creation, shaped by the very essence of my being and my hands.
Place du Temple 9

Artisan's name: Catherine Schmeer
Specialty: Jeweller
Crafting secret: I coat a piece of leather with polishing paste, which I rub onto the jewel to achieve a soft, perfect finish to the touch.
Rue Ancienne 46
Instagram : @catherine.schmeer
Facebook: Catherine Schmeer Bijoutière

Artisan's name: Roland Kawczynski  
Speciality: Jeweller 
Trade secret: Capturing every moment of the stages of life and death through precious materials.
Rue Ancienne 22
Instagram: roland__ka

Artisan's name: Baie Mauve - Sophie Zawadynski
Specialty: jewelry design
Trade secret: Shapes, in many forms, of silver, evolving as the processes that make up the jewel progress, until the final, discovery. 
Rue Ancienne 22
Instagram: So_BaieMauve

Artisan's name: Lucien Walker
Specialty: Book and graphic art restoration
A trade secret (one or two sentences): Writing, shaping, reading... In all trades, but in bookmaking in particular, it's all about putting your heart into your work. And secrets become accessible...
Rue de la Filature 22

Practical information

Free entrance

Locations and opening hours specific to each store.

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