CourtsCarouge is a short-film competition initiated by the Cultural Affairs and Communication Department of the City of Carouge. It is organised in the framework of the Printemps carougeois (Carouge Spring) festival.

Article 1 – Purpose


is a short-film competition open to all those with a passion for images. Through the competition the Printemps carougeois aims to:

  • offer to all the opportunity of trying their hand at making a film;
  • stimulate audio-visual and digital creation;
  • reveal talents;
  • provide a showcase presenting Carouge, Swiss and international short films;
  • encourage meetings and discussions between film buffs and a jury of   professionals;
  • develop creativity and critical thinking on images.

Article 2 – Participation and types of short film

Paragraph 1. CourtsCarouge is a short-film competition in which participation is free.
Paragraph 2. CourtsCarouge is a not-for-profit competition.
Paragraph 3. Films that have won awards in a previous edition may not apply.
Paragraph 4. The type (fiction, animation, documentary, etc.) of the short films presented is open. As for the theme, this should be in relation to that of the current edition of the Printemps carougeois.
Paragraph 5. The works submitted should contain a title and credits, and be maximum 3 minutes long (title and credits included).
Paragraph 6. The films can be filmed with any type of cameras. All post-production processing and insets (in-pictures) are permitted.
Paragraph 6b. It is understood that animated films, due to their specificity, are created outside of a camera.
Paragraph 7. The same author-producer or group of author-producers may present several short films in the competition. In this case, a separate submission form must be completed for each short film, each containing a download link for the film submitted.
Paragraph 8. French subtitles are compulsory for short films in a foreign language.
Paragraph 9. The short films will be submitted  in .mp4 format via Swisstransfer to


Article 3 - Terms of participation

Applications are to be submitted by 1st April 2024 at midnight via the on-line participation form Moreover, the short films will have to be sent from the Swisstransfer platform to the address, and in full HD format ( 1920 x 1080 px).

Each field on this form must be completed carefully. Each participant must send to the organising team a viewing link for his/her film(s), via the on-line registration form. Films can be loaded either in public or private mode on the preferred video platform (Youtube, Vimeo, or other).


Article 4 – Short films selection process

Paragraph 1. All short films submitted within the deadline mentioned under article 3 will be included in a preliminary selection. This will be carried out initially by audio-visual professionals. After this initial selection, some 25 short films will be submitted to the members of the jury.
Paragraph 2. The official selection list retained by the jury will be published on the festival website ( and screened at the Cinema Bio on the occasion of the opening night of the Printemps carougeois festival. It is at this screening that the President of the jury will announce the winners.

Article 5 – LABEL CourtsCarouge

Paragraph 1. A label “Selected at CourtsCarouge” will be attributed to each of the short films selected. The aim is to facilitate the promotion and distribution of the works produced, so as to generate increased recognition within the region as well as better possibilities for collaboration.
Paragraph 2. Only copyright owners of the short films may, if they so wish, may use the label “Selected at CourtsCarouge” in promoting and distributing their short film.

Article 6 – Jury

Paragraph 1. The jury is composed of a president and six members maximum - film and audio-visual professionals, representatives of various formations, bodies and/or associations in the fields of cinema, media, audio-visual and culture. The list of jury members will be published on the CourtsCarouge website (
Paragraph 2.  Decisions are taken by a majority of the members of the jury. In the event of a tied vote, the president has the casting vote.

Article 7 – Prizes awarded to the winners

Paragraph 1. The list of jury prizes is published on the festival website ( In its deliberations, the jury as a whole or the president reserves the right to award ex-aequo prizes or to add a prize if appropriate.
Paragraph 2. The prizes are sent via e-banking. Bank details are to be sent to the organising team within 30 days of the screening evening.
Paragraph 3. The prizes for the best short films will be awarded on the screening evening in the presence of the public, the jury and the press, in Carouge. The precise date of the prize-giving is indicated on the website

Article 8 – Copyright

Paragraph 1. In participating and for the exclusive needs of CourtsCarouge, the author-producer authorises the City of Carouge to reproduce and represent his/her audio-visual work.

The right of reproduction includes:

  • the right to reproduce and/or have reproduced the above-mentioned work by all known and hitherto unknown technical processes (in particular by recording, memorisation etc.) on all media (in particular magnetic, digital, electronic etc.) and in all formats, and to have produced in the quantity desired by the assignee all originals, copies and duplicates, on all media, in all formats and by all current or future fixing methods.
  • the right to perform any reproduction measure for the purposes of distributing the work, such as in particular uploading, storing or any temporary fixing action implied by the digital transmission and distribution of the work on the network, whatever its format and the technical process used.

The right of representation includes:

  • right of public representation of all or part of the work, in particular at public screenings and the screening ceremony.
  • right to list, file and identify the work in a database.
  • right to authorise representation, on all the communication media of CourtsCarouge, of extracts or summaries of the audio-visual work, whether visual or sound, without prejudice to the moral right of the author.
  • right to put and/or have put into circulation extracts of the work (still images, on social media or internet).
  • right to keep a copy of the film submitted to compete with a view to archiving for possible distribution at the request of the partners.
  • right to reproduce a copy on DVD of the winning films of the current edition, and to distribute it to the partners who have participated in the financing of CourtsCarouge, in the context of private use.

Paragraph 2. These rights are assigned for the sole needs of CourtsCarouge, and for an indefinite period as from registration for the competition. No other use of the rights, of whatever nature, will be made by CourtsCarouge without the prior authorisation of the authors-producers.
Paragraph 3. The author-producer guarantees that his/her work is original and that he/she holds the relevant copyright. In the context of adaptations of literary works that are not in the public domain, or of the use of audio-visual archive images, the author must provide all necessary information on the authorisations obtained or not.
The author guarantees that his/her work does not contain anything that could infringe the law, and in particular the legal provisions on counterfeit. The authors-producers of films that include in the soundtrack of their works music sourced from recordings sold off the shelf, such as musical illustration or personal recording discs, must, in compliance with the legislation on copyright and related rights, obtain the prior authorisation of the authors and producers of phonograms. Authors-producers must indicate on the one hand whether the original music is free of copyright or if the rights have been acquired under licence and, on the other hand, whether they have obtained prior authorisations for the off-the shelf music incorporated in the work (see registration form).
In the event of a negative response on authorisations, the author engages his/her full responsibility concerning all the authorisations and guarantees to CourtsCarouge the undisturbed use of the rights assigned only with regard to any appeal lodged by a fee-collection body in the event of distribution of the work on the occasion and for the needs of CourtsCarouge.

Article 9 – Final provisions

Paragraph 1. In the event of problems outside the control of the organisers, CourtsCarouge reserves the right to cancel or make a useful modification to the dates, locations, programmes or organisational arrangements of the competition and/or screening event.
Paragraph 2. Participation in CourtsCarouge implies participants’ compliance with the present regulations.

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