of the 2020 edition

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize awarded to BANAL by Gisela Guthan, Adrien Donzé and Jason Chakroun.

For the fine interpretation of her role by the principal actress, who subtly makes us feel the fear that regularly haunts women, time and again. For the simplicity of its production concept which makes us live the reality of this young woman as if it were ours. For its suspense and its dénouement, which brings us brutally back to reality and reminds us that trivialising these situations does not rectify them, and that things have to change.

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Second Prize

The Second Prize is awarded to NIGHT OUT by Romane Golan.
For the finesse of its staging, for the surprise twist in the final scene, for its audacity in placing red herrings and reminding us that this genre is not a rigid category, that feminine attributes can be borne by men without ridicule. For its implicit call to shake things up and create a more fluid, inclusive and just world.

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Tied for Third Prize


A politically powerful film which puts words on the suffering and discrimination endured by women in an original and striking staging which leaves no one indifferent, with the voice of Christiane Taubira, the French champion of the fight for a more just world.

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Tied for Third Prize

VOIX OFF (VOICE OFF), by Chantal Chappot

A poignant text, a heartfelt appeal by Delphine Seyrig from the 1970s on male domination which still resonates strongly, conveyed on the screen in a simple and luminous manner.

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Génération Léman Bleu Prize

The Génération Léman Bleu Prize is awarded to AILES (WINGS) by Herman von Heben, Raphaël Lutz & Velky Babar

A film with a poetic impetus, between documentary and fiction, that encourages us to overcome our fears, to take flight, a film at the heart of life, which focuses not on denunciation but on our capacity to project ourselves into a new future and break out of the accepted norms, a film that exudes a form of freedom that leads us down the path to happiness.

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Honourable Mention by the Jury

The Honourable Mention by the Jury is awarded to LOVE IS LOVE by Alessia Pischedda.

For the skill and precision of this very short film which is a single sequence of 59 seconds, through the innocent and benevolent perspective of a little girl, reminding us that love knows no frontiers. A true feat.

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Selected films

Watch all the short movies selected and screened at the Cinéma Bio, in screening order:

  • Hex, Chrystel Orsatti (0 :24 )
  • Juliette, Vincent Caillé (2 :52)
  • Love is Love, Alessia Pischedda (06 :02)
  • La vertueuse, Loïck Batumba (07 :13)
  • Toujours vivantes, Solange Decnaeck (10 :23)
  • Banal, Gisela Guthan, Adrien Donzé, Jason Chakroun (12 :45)
  • Beach Body Ready, Céline Ufenast (16:01)
  • Je suis une fille, Sophia Aldred (17 :49)
  • AxElle(s), Jean Lager (20 :59)
  • Voix Off, Chantal Chappot (24 :09)
  • Révolution WC, Julie Holliger (27 :20)
  • Missing, Daniel Diaz & Lotfi Maïmouni (30:32)
  • iMonde, Gaëtan Brügger & Djemi Pittet (33:36)
  • Pains, Andrea Lavio (34:45)
  • Night Out, Romane Golan (37:54)
  • Des mots contre les femmes, Marie Aymon (39 :24)
  • La Femme, Jennifer Barel et Yannick Barel (41 :54)
  • M’endormir dans tes bras, Léa Déchamboux & Gaëlle Hostettler (44 :46)
  • Seguir viviendo, Fernando Barreto Arroyave (47 :46)
  • Ailes, Herman von Heben (50 :59)


Enjoy the best moments of the awards ceremony with this TV report from Léman Bleu: